Expert Opinions

Expert Opinions

Valuation report

Interested in selling your car? Or perhaps your car has just been completely repaired and now you want to know how much it is worth? We can prepare a precise valuation report for you. This is an important document to have, especially when considering potential damages or even theft.

When putting together these reports, we always cooperate closely with our partner “Classic Data”, the market leader in matters regarding valuing classic cars and a company that has been autonomous, independent and unbiased for over 30 years.

Classic car appraisals

If your car is over 30 years old and is original or restored true to the original then in Germany your car meets the criteria for a historic “H” licence plate. With this much-desired licence plate, which is issued once your classic car has been given historic vehicle status in line with § 23 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, you can use your car without restrictions in the “green zones”. We inform you in detail about how a classic car appraisal report is drawn up, which consists of a valuation report, additional information on individual vehicle components, an evaluation of the overall condition of the vehicle and its market value.

Classic car brief assessment for insurance rating purposes

Does your car have a market value of up to 40,000 euros? If so, we can draw up a brief assessment report for insurance rating purposes. This includes checking the identity of your car and carrying out an assessment. This serves as the basis for the condition score that determines its insurance classification.

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