First Exit Wuppertal The Destination for Classic Porsches
First Exit WuppertalThe Destination for Classic Porsches
EARLY 911s - The Restoration Company
EARLY 911s The Restoration Company
Made in Germany - Never before has it been so rational to be irrational
Made in GermanyNever before has it been so rational to be irrational
Perfection to Detail – Traditional Craftsmanship, State-of-the-Art Technologies
Perfection to DetailTraditional Craftsmanship, State-of-the-Art Technologies
Originality & Perfection – Your Restoration Specialist for Rare Porsche 911s
Originality & PerfectionYour Restoration Specialist for Rare Porsche 911s
Added Value in its Pure Form - Service, Maintenance & Restoration
Added Value in its Pure FormService, Maintenance & Restoration
Accelerated Heart Rate Included - Service and Maintenance of Classic and Rare Porsches
Accelerated Heart Rate IncludedService and Maintenance of Classic and Rare Porsches

CLASSIC TRACK DAY 2018 by Early911s

A spectacular weekend dedicated to classic Porsche is over. Together with friends and clients, we enjoyed the first Early911S Track Day at Bilster Berg.

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We have shared our passion with


Hering Restores Rare 911 Classics


Get to know Early911s in our new corporate film! Produced by HOCHGLANZFILM GmbH the clip impressively shows our passion and craftsmanship.

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Based on the desire to do things differently and better as well as the conviction that the original never goes out of style, the company was founded ten years ago – during a time when most people looked at an old Porsche and just saw exactly that, an old Porsche, and when few aficionados knew about a Porsche 911 as a cultural asset.

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You can find all air-cooled Porsche 911 models from between 1963 and 1998 with us. As a global leader in the restoration of classic Porsches, our focus is on the Porsche 911 F model series and the early G models Carrera and Turbo.


At the EARLY 911S workshop, traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies are the foundation of authentic restorations, repairs and other customized services. Maximum diligence and the expertise with complex cases of our team of 60 specialists ensure this premium quality standard matching the original plant delivery state.


At EARLY 911S as much as in life, it’s always the people who make the difference. With our team of now 60 Porsche aficionados – bodywork and engine experts, upholsterers, automotive historians, mechatronic engineers and mechanics – we are one of the world’s leading restoration companies for rare Porsche 911s.