New interior furnishings, faithfully manufactured to the original specifications

Time leaves its mark. Leather and plastic surfaces can become brittle, edges can get scuffed and trim strips can be damaged by the sun and tear. But anyone longing for a fancy exterior, of course also wants a matching interior. That is why we also offer detailed interior restorations.

Thanks to our comprehensive collection of vehicle, supplier and OEM documentation specifying the exact materials and production processes, it is possible for us to restore the full interior of your car or even start from scratch.
We carry out the renovations as faithfully as possible to the original. For example, the covers are adapted to your needs both in terms of quality and appearance by using machines and materials that are specifically produced for us. This ensures that the newly manufactured covers match the original upholstery and give your seats the same original flair.

  • Complete restoration of the interior fittings, including the manufacture of door panels
  • Repair of vehicle seats, covers and upholstery
  • Repair, provision and assembly of convertible soft tops for all Porsche types
  • Specialists in faithfully reproducing original Porsche carpets and fabrics such as corduroy, pepita and tartan plaid
  • Production of new seam thread according to the original specifications
  • Fitting sports seats or comfort seats (Recaro, Scheel) and optimising the seating position
  • Trim strip and roof lining replacements
  • Re-covering dashboards
  • Steering wheel leather upholstery

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