Bodywork with original parts

Here at EARLY 911S, we have countless original parts in stock and our large warehouses covering thousands of square metres contain car body shells that are waiting to be used or restored. It is our philosophy to restore original parts with the utmost care in order to maintain the patina and style of each individual part and thereby guarantee you a truly authentic result. Of course, we don't just rely solely on our own vast inventory, we search worldwide to find exactly the right component for you.

Bodywork with tailor-made parts

If an original part is not available or cannot be tracked down, we manufacture the required part ourselves. To ensure that the part is as similar as possible to the original, two factors are critical: the original documentation that contains all the information regarding the production of the component and the necessary materials and equipment. The latter are partly exclusively produced for us for this purpose and therefore guarantee us authentic results.

  • We can recreate any component, once we receive your sketches and photos.
  • Our workshop is equipped with a broad range of machinery, including an Eckold machine, press brake and beading equipment.
  • Our specialist facilities and expertise enable us to carry out even the most demanding aluminium repairs perfectly.
  • Thanks to professional bench methods for frame straightening, we can guarantee excellent bodywork repairs and restorations.

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