Accidents can happen! No matter whether you decide to buy a car damaged in an accident or your own car was involved in a crash: we guarantee that we will repair the car professionally and caringly, with an eye to maintaining its value. Don’t worry that your precious car might lose its charm! We are THE specialists when it comes to these kinds of repairs. We offer you many years of experience in working with sheet metal, paints, engines and transmissions. Vintage and classic cars are our passion, and your beloved vehicle is in expert hands with us.

But we don’t only provide our expertise; you can also count on a transparent procedure and clear statements: We assess the accident damage in every detail and provide you with a comprehensive technical assessment of the scope of the damages.

  • We have a total of three different body jig benches (Celette) to guarantee absolutely accurate and professional measuring.
  • Leave the delicate art of repairing the tank to our experts: rust removal, flattening, brazing, sandblasting, welding, coating – we get your tank back on track. Naturally, we also take care of the oil valves and any damage to the filler neck.
  • As we put quality first and not welding speed, we apply a wolfram inert gas (WIG) welding set for butt welding. This process has significant benefits: the application of low heat on a small surface leads to less welding distortion; on top of that, there are no weld splatters and much less rework – which ensures a perfect result.
  • Chrome platings – the highlights that brilliantly underscore Porsche’s unique look and feel! This is why, again, our focus is on maximum finesse and accurate knowledge of the original state. We set all chrome parts instantly – and all-inclusive, of course, with any soldering, buckling and setting work that needs to be done.
  • When the problem is in the detail, that’s exactly where you can also find the opposite: perfection! We carefully clean and polish even the smallest parts via glass or sand blasting and guarantee supreme results, down to the tiniest nuts and bolts.