A 911 engine is the manifestation of sporting passion, dynamic performance and true love! The sound of a boxer engine alone, the humming of the air-cooled star, makes any Porsche fan’s heart beat harder. It attests to sophisticated mechanics, attention to detail and a passion for perfection. Even though the future will bring silent and reasonable electronics: it’s the smell of petrol, the hard chattering and the passionate roar that makes a car. That’s what makes Porsche. That’s what makes the 911!

For those who share this passion of ours for old, older, young and new Porsche 911s will appreciate the accuracy we apply to handling engines. For many years, engine rework, repair and restoration has been one of our primary focus areas. As the engines of different years and types are generally different and even more so in the details, our specialists face enormous challenges, which require outstanding expertise and experience in handling air- and water-cooled Porsche engines.

Our motto: maintenance through optimal care, conservative replacements and restrained rebuilds. This means that any original parts that can be maintained will remain in the engine. If parts need replacement because they are excessively damaged or missing, our first choice is to replace them with original parts. New parts are our last resort: but again, we manufacture these to the exact specifications and with the materials and machines originally used by Porsche.


  • Revision of Porsche engines and Porsche transmissions, of both Porsche series and Porsche racing engines.
  • Measuring, cleaning of the engine housing, planning and resetting of the crankshaft bore, removing and replacing of studs, rinsing of oil ducts; cleaning, measuring and bead compressing of cylinder heads.
  • Renewal of all seats and leads; reworking and planning of camshaft housing and chain cases; disassembling and planning of bolts; planning of valve covers and, if required, replacement with a reinforced version.