Bodywork with original parts

EARLY 911S has numerous original parts at its disposal, and over 200 car bodies are waiting for their use or restoration in warehouses covering several thousand square meters of storage space. This is a manifestation of our philosophy: if an original part is available, we will restore and fit it with maximum diligence and a focus on its conservation. We maintain the patina and the flair of each and every original part to guarantee you a truly authentic experience. But naturally, we don’t rely solely on our vast inventory – for the ‘missing link’ we are willing to search all over the world.

Bodywork with tailor-made parts

If an original part is either not available or cannot be tracked down, we will manufacture the respective body part ourselves. To create a part that is as close to the original as possible, two aspects are crucial: old documentation from which we meticulously copy all the information regarding production, material and facilities – and exactly those materials and facilities. What does that mean? It means that we replicate some of the original parts with materials exclusively produced for this purpose and on old facilities – with a result that is original in the full sense of the word.

  • We are able to recreate any car body part, also using your sketches and photos as our specifications.
  • Our workshop is equipped with a broad range of machinery, including an Eckold machine and an edging and beading facility.
  • We have the equipment and experience required to carry out to perfection even the most demanding tasks that involve aluminum.
  • Excellent body repair and restoration work thanks to professional body jig bench technologies.