Based on the desire to do things differently and better as well as the conviction that the original never goes out of style, the company was founded ten years ago – during a time when most people looked at an old Porsche and just saw exactly that, an old Porsche, and when few aficionados knew about a Porsche 911 as a cultural asset.

Driven by an idea and a passion, we have since built a unique collection of cars and amassed unrivalled expertise, knowledge and skills. We have not only created perfectly restored F models which are the pride and joy of their owners worldwide; we have also gained the trust of renowned collectors. Among the cars we had the pleasure to revive were Steve McQueen’s Porsche 911S and the original Safari Porsche. Over the past decade, we have recovered lost Porsche 911s and probably restored more Porsche 911RSs than anyone else worldwide. And this is why today we had every reason to party.