Porsche 928 GTS
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173.334 km
Amarant Violett
Interior Color
Original Condition
Automatic Gear
Damage unrepaired
Accident damaged
Steering Wheel


This original Porsche 928 GTS with automatic transmission was delivered in Germany in 1994 and had two previous owners. The history of the vehicle is fully documented and all documents are available.
The vehicle offered here was produced for the IAA in Frankfurt and also exhibited there.
The vehicle is well maintained and has been completely revised technically. All invoice documents for the recently performed work are available.
The vehicle color is amaranth violet with original, classic gray full leather interior.

Vehicle type: 928 GTS Coupe
FIN: WP0ZZZ92ZRS800068
Dealer: Porsche AG
Engine type / number: M28 / 50 / 81R50502
Gearbox: A28 / 18/3003369

139 Seat heating on the left
335 CR Radio Bremen
340 right seat heating
418 side protection rails
513 lumbar support right
538 driver comfort seat
567 windscreen with green wedge
570 increased cooling capacity
586 lumbar support left
650 electrically adjustable roof
692 CD changer
740 exhibition vehicle
980 front seat upholstery
X32 handbrake lever Wurzelh
X38 front fender flares
X44 roof antenna C network
X89 hub cap rim color
XD9 rims in body color
XF2 instrument holder leather-covered
XJ3 interior door locking knob. Leather covered
XL5 center console / door panel dark burl wood
XM6 door openers and shells covered in leather
XM9 control handle indicator leather-covered
XN3 Airside Dashboard Leather-Covered
XN4 Air vent dashboard leather covered
XN9 leather sun visor, illuminated mirror
XP9 speaker covers leather-covered
XR3 cover for front seat fitting leather-covered
XR5 backrest release front and rear covered with leather
XR7 rear window washer nozzle
XV1 Defroster cover leather-covered
XV4 Leather heating control switch
XV5 switch for seat adjustment leather-covered
XV6 frame for switch leather-covered
XW6 buttons for interior door locking leather
XX5 Cassette shelf left door
XY2 cover without memory switch leather-covered
XY3 memory switch leather-covered
XY7 switch rear wiper leather-covered
XY8 frame control switch leather-covered
XZ1 rosette for leather-covered handbrake
XZ4 frame glove box lock leather
XZ5 Cover inside sensor covered with leather
XZ6 Air-side nozzle cover, leather-covered
XZ7 frame for exterior mirror adjustment, leather-covered
XZ8 rosette fastening trunk cover leather-covered

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